Thursday, June 02, 2005

"I Stand Here Before You Today Beholden To No Human Cocksucker"

The no-longer-linking-here Hungbunny has a kind word for The Sopranos. While there's no arguing with The Sopranos, I wonder whether the UK has been exposed yet to the magic that is Deadwood. If it hasn't, there is no justice; after all, UK stations picked up Six Feet Under, and that began to bore my tits off midway through the second season.

For a representative sample of Deadwoodania, these folks have done the public a service and produced an edited version of the show. I was surprised to learn that fully 53 minutes of an hour-long episode contained no profanity at all. The remaining seven are fun to listen to, because swearing is fun.

(Incidentally, Ian McShane is just unbelievably good in this show. In terms of sheer menace, he makes James Gandolfini look like the moppet from Jerry Maguire.)