Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Aux barricades, Syndicalists!

Here's a thought: the least pointless weblogs are the ones that are actually about something, preferably the inside scoop on a mysterious, oft-sensationalized profession, published anonymously for fear of reprisal, and giving us valuable insight into the workings of a life that we might well be contemplating for ourselves. Like getting paid for sex.

However, I don't have any specialized knowledge that will be of interest to anyone. I was considering writing a faux-confessional weblog from the perspective of, say, a middle-school teacher. It would feature numerous stories about showing up to work drunk, fighting back murderous or kidnapperous impulses, and culminate in a shocking child-abuse revelation. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that idea gets any funnier for being put into practice.

So there's nothing else for it. This will have to be a political blog. You don't need to know anything about anything to write a political blog; all you have to do is obsessively link to lots of other people's political blogs. I think I am up to the challenge. The only problem I'm having is choosing a side. Maybe I'll become a Syndicalist.