Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Still No Escape But The Tomb

You can tell a lot about a city from its free alternative weeklies; they're like a seething vegan id. For instance:
This month Enmore's Gothic community reveals its dark heart with the Under The Blue Moon Festival Kicking off at 10 AM and running well into the witching hour this festival is designed to please everyone with well planned events catering to all ages and dress sensibilities. Through the day there are many worthy sights to behold including Goth pavement artists; Gothic kid's treasure hunt; LIVE Stonemason; Goth Artists' Exhibitions; Hair Design Display by Doppelganger; Goth Wheel of Misfortune and [newspaper torn in half and flung across room]
What I have learned, in this instance, is that I am not going to live in the district of Enmore. The electric thrills of live masonry might not quite make up for the other factors, shall we say.