Monday, October 10, 2005

Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down (Slight Return)

Sartre, or someone who might as well have been Sartre, once described Hell as perhaps nothing more than a room with a chair in it. After much inconvenience and brandishing of credit reports, I finally have this angle covered. Even better is the fact that, unlike some places I have set up shop in the past, there is nothing overtly Satanic about the chair, unless its being from Ikea counts. (Between the chair and the bed, I have four pieces of metal and six screws left over. Nothing is collapsing when I sit on it, and now I get to make a bonus collage!)

There you have it: the thrill ride that was my weekend. I have also discovered that there is an annual limit to the number of blogs I'm allowed to read in my office, a limit that I could quite easily exceed (and maybe already have) during the course of an average afternoon's procrastination. This means that the room will soon be a room with a chair and a wireless modem in it, and all the more hellish for that. Hell with nice views and a balcony, though, mind you. Got to have standards.