Sunday, December 04, 2005

"We Got The Results Back From The Lab, And We Think We Know What The Problem Is"

Dan has an excellent excuse - really, a series of excellent excuses - for his recent absence. Myself, I don't. The only thing that has seriously distracted me this week is the discovery that I live directly across the street from a really good pizzeria, but it's not like I've never eaten pizza with one hand while typing with the other before.

(As a general observation, I wasn't expecting to find outrageously good Italian food in Australia. And yet, there it is. Innovations are even being pursued: after visiting one neighborhood restaurant enough times in one week to develop a rapport with the diminutive lunatic of an owner, he offered me a seafood dish of his own design. Its most prominent feature was, in some ways, a thick cream sauce and yet, in other crucial ways, a curry. Alas, the restaurant went out of business a few days later.)