Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Cometh

Oh, Kansas. What is to be done? The expression "vote with your feet", in this context, would usually mean to move away from that school district. Here, though, I think people should find the relevant members of the school board and kick them.

Not sure how I feel about the lawsuit Althouse alludes to, though. It's not necessary (or, for that matter, sufficient) to oppose ID on the grounds that it's religious or inspired by religion; all one needs is the fact that it's really, really stupid. Suppose we take the theory at its word - then what? Well, we're done. Any remaining mysteries of science can just be chalked up to the inscrutable whim of the Designer, and we can all go and play quoits. Either that, or the job of the biologist would become that of trying to divine the Designer's intentions, which would be hilarious. Many great works of science have been inspired by devout religious faith; unfortunately, so have many attempts to explain winter as the Sun God being displeased with us. This falls into the latter category.