Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hello Clouds, Hello Sky, Hello Thing Living In Crisper

Back, at long last, to the inner west. As far as circumnavigations of the globe go, that was not much of an accomplishment: I did the second half in one giant leap, with an hour's layover in Singapore. It was a good trip, though. I may not be able to drink like I could when I was in grad school, but neither can anyone else.

Anyway, I may be fiddling while my career prospects burn, but a little relaxation is in order. Because I have a pathological aversion to checking luggage, I did all this traveling with a single shoulder-bag, and I need to reacquaint myself with worldly goods that do not require me to endlessly be carrying them to places. It's a banal but especially wonderful feeling to still have an apartment to come back to, squalid though I have made it: the dusty heaps of boxes, the homey pyramids of Toohey's bottles, the friendly waving tendrils of something I apparently left in the fridge.

It's good to be back. Who knows, I may even update this pointless thing a bit more frequently. Oh, and the survey that found me and my po-faced, unusually-shaped neighbors to be the most miserable people in Australia was, needless to say, conducted in my absence.