Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whining At Tech Support Gets Results

After a not-unreasonable three days, Google have mercifully decided that I am me and should be allowed back into my Gmail account. I now revert to my stock excuses for not reading/answering your email.

This may have just been a simple database screw-up somewhere deep in the heart of Google Labs. On the other hand, I doubt that a simple database screw-up would have trashed my last year's worth of mail, deleted my secondary email address, and changed my name to "Supersonic 31337". So it's hard to be sure.

(Incidentally, my level of computer expertise can be gauged from the fact that I spent about five minutes thinking "31337? Is that in... Ohio?" before being struck from on high by an anvil.)

To summarize: I was 31337 for three days. Now I'm back to not being 31337. Regrettably, I did not take advantage of the fact that my earning potential was probably considerably higher while I was 31337. L8z.