Thursday, January 27, 2005

Comparable To A Bathtub

People in New York drink a lot, it is well known. But did you know that people drink more in some parts of New York than in others? And that the places with a younger population tend to drink more? Amazing - but true.

The definition of "drinking to excess" on display here is, of course, ludicrous. Two drinks a day is heavy? Four drinks at one sitting constitutes a binge? By that rationale, I have had binges within binges, nested several layers deep, with other binges piled high atop them. At lunchtime. It's possible that the weights and measures people have avowed "drink", as a unit, to be comparable to a bathtub, but otherwise it's all a bit worrying.

Lurking in the basement with a highball, reading a comic about cats with drinking problems: now there's an avocation. The Achewood cats are very good enablers and enablers, as a class, are undervalued.