Saturday, February 19, 2005

Beware The Machetes De Fuego

One reason among many reasons to read Achewood, if you don't already, is creator Chris Onstad's unorthodox practice of maintaining a blog for each of his principal characters. In particular, I often turn to his cat Ray for inspiration and spiritual maintenance. Things have gotten pretty bad when you find yourself trying to model your life after that of a cartoon cat, it's true, but that's just the world we're living in.

Ray is a simple soul, almost fanatically devoted to the finer things: golf, liquor, and organizing impossibly complicated themed parties. It's unfair to pick on the infrequent occasions when things don't go according to plan, but a good place to start is with his
"Machete Madness" soiree, which ends up like
this. His remorse is both heartfelt and ennobling to witness:
In retrospect, I should not have had a party with the theme of tequila and machetes. Looking back, I know that now.
It fair brings a tear to the eye, so it does.