Friday, November 04, 2005

More "Honeyed Words Of Deceitful Capitalism"

A historic anniversary approaches and is remarked by the Australian Communist Party, which must be a very interesting organization.
When imperialism enlisted fascism as the means of destroying this new [Soviet] society, the people rallied to the defence of Soviet Russia. The Russian people made colossal sacrifices to win a titanic struggle against Nazi Germany. In the process, they saved the rest of the world as well and proved the superiority of the socialist system, for a capitalist Russia could never have done it.
Actually, this is an interesting point. Twenty-three million Russians are reckoned killed in WW2, and the soldiers of the Red Army were deployed with, if anything, even less regard for their survival than their Western counterparts in the good old Somme days of "climb out of trench, run towards machine-gun emplacement waving stick". It's possible that a non-totalitarian Russia wouldn't have been able to bear the godawful number of casualties sustained while beating back the Nazis; it's also possible that a system with more invested in the survival of the people (as opposed to the People) wouldn't have sustained said godawful number of casualties. Either way: I'm not sure that the superiority of the system is demonstrated very well by its withstanding a godawful number of casualties.

(The author firmly believes that it's never a bad time to boost your Google ranking for the phrase "godawful number of casualties".)