Friday, November 04, 2005

Last Post On The Topic

The history at the end of the last post includes, under authors' names, links to their Suck output. It's all good stuff, but I have to recommend Chris Bray's work in particular. This, to pick at random, is excellent, as well as absolutely anything on the list with a military-sounding title. He is also the man who forever ruined J.D. Salinger for me, something for which I suppose I am grateful.

Post-Suck, he would occasionally surface in other outlets, mostly in order to rip Victor Davis Hanson a new orifice. As far as I can figure, he's currently in UCLA's History graduate program, blogging here with some compadres, and was recently (gulp) called back up. There's going to be - there may already be - a glut of soldier's memoirs on the market in the years to come, but someone should offer Bray a large sum of money for one regardless.