Friday, July 15, 2005

"The First Homicide Attacks In Western Europe"

I've manfully suppressed any urge to comment on last week's blowing up of things in London. The spectacle of me, halfway across the world, openly weeping, invoking the Blitz, and waving a tiny Union Jack on a toothpick might have been unseemly.

However, the explosions were apparently even more momentous than I imagined during my impassioned Vera Lynn singalong. As E. Volokh points out, Fox has summed matters up thusly:
New evidence suggests four bombers blew themselves up on the London transportation system last week, killing at least 52 in what could be the first homicide attacks in Western Europe, officials said Tuesday.
You know what they mean. And yet, no.

I'm not as anti-Fox News as many folks over here; they do some things quite well, and aren't really much worse than all the other inane cable news channels. However, their refusal to countenance the phrase "suicide bomber" is hilarious.