Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recent Events In London, As I Had Them Explained To Me

A man in a heavy jacket leaps from a moving bus, hops the turnstile and runs into the Tube station, scattering commuters before him. Hot on his heels come five men brandishing automatic pistols, shouting "Stop! Police!" and things of that nature. The jacketed man collides with a flower seller and lands awkwardly in the middle of the concourse. The first pursuer to catch up stands astride him and shoots him five times in the head.

As two of his colleagues begin to give the body a few desultory kicks, the remainder turn their attention to the horrified group of onlookers. An explanation of some sort is required. "No ticket," they say, pointing to the corpse.

I don't believe anything I read in the press; my friends are far more reliable.