Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Late Twentieth Century Joined

Oh, sweet nectar of life. My ADSL modem has finally arrived, having apparently been shipped from China the long way round. It even works. The combination of the balcony, the ADSL modem, and the makeshift bar I have constructed alongside it is a thing of beauty. Now, watch my spelling go to shit and wait for me to accidentally drop my laptop onto the street down below and be sued by a jogger.

This paradigm shift also means that, while I would ordinarily be paying far too much attention to all this Supreme Court business - because watching people who are not lawyers argue about judicial nominations is, for some reason, a compulsive behaviour for me - I have to consider my priorities anew, and dust off some of those hard-won time-management skills. From now on it's all pornography, all the time.

(Well, with maybe a five-minute stop at the Blogometer to see if the world has ended, and another five minutes cursing and wishing I'd thought of "Alito's Way" first. Then, pornography.)