Friday, December 16, 2005

Negative Stereotyping Of Jack Black Not Decried

As a card-carrying Peter Jackson geek, I try to keep an eye out for articles like this. Good times all around, especially the last line - am I the only one who finds it in questionable taste to compare the characters of King Kong and Othello? - and an always-welcome excuse to link to this.

(What I love about Jackson as a director, by the way, is his pathological attention to detail. He's the perfect guy to put in charge of a blockbuster: no matter how enormous the production gets, you can be assured that he's gotten the script as tight as possible and then spent just ridiculous amounts of time worrying over the exact type of chainmail the orcs are wearing, specific gross-out effects shots, etc, with the results that his films are always amazingly unified spectacles - he may not be fantastic with actors, but he knows exactly what he wants to put on the screen and he's technically ingenious enough to find effective ways of putting it there. If he wasn't making films, you have to think he'd have the world's most intricate model railway in his basement. In anyone else's hands - except possibly Sam Raimi's - a Tolkein adaptation would have been a massively overlong trawl through endless incoherent battle scenes and quasi-mystical nonsense: Jackson made it a slightly overlong trawl through etc. He's wonderful. If he'd been given the reins on the Harry Potter franchise, it might have actually not sucked.)