Saturday, December 17, 2005

In Other News, Dilbert Is Still Going

I haven't been paying that much attention to this blog popularity contest that concluded recently. Every so often, a finalist would mention it, everyone involved would feel slightly awkward, I'd vote for them if I could be bothered, and that was that. I had naively assumed that Achewood would effectively be running unopposed in the "best humor blog" category, but apparently this was not so. It seems that I have not been paying enough attention to the world's "humor blogs", and that there actually are some other than Hutton (who apparently wasn't nominated). Now I have some catching up to do. Why not start with the 2005 Best Humor/Comics Blog?

In short, it's great stuff, but a bit refined for my taste. For instance, scattered amongst a large number of posts urging people to vote for them in the aforementioned contest, we find the
Anatomically Correct Ann Coulter Action Figure
Now, maybe I've been out of the fray for too long, but this one is sailing over my head. I certainly can't recall any occasions upon which jokes have been made about Ann Coulter, nor do any obvious jokes that might be made in such a context spring to mind. But wait! There's something in smaller type!
"Flaccid" model shown. Erection sold separately.
Still drawing a blank here, sorry. Oh, wait! But surely they couldn't mean... that? And yet, upon closer inspection, the Barbie doll has a distinctly phallic bulge on display. Scandalous! My political and sexual confusion was only eased (and even then, for how long?) by this thoughtful sidebar:
This is political satire. Everything posted here should be understood in that context.
Ah! Satire. Now I get it. Thanks.