Friday, December 30, 2005

Little Man From Another Place

Watched Good Night and Good Luck the other day, and recommend it: it's a viscerally unsettling portrait of a nightmare America, not so far removed from the comfortable banalities of the present day, one in which Leland fucking Palmer is reading the eleven o'clock news.

Seriously, I think this is why we haven't seen Ray Wise around more often in the last fifteen years - although after checking out his IMDB page, I'm definitely excited for Cyxork 7: The Final Cyxorkening - it's completely impossible to see him and not be creeped out. He's not in GN&GL very much, but whenever he's on camera it suddenly feels like a horror movie. ("Senator McCarthy, you're going back to Missoula, Montana!") Ray Wise exudes hopelessness from every pore. Each of his smiles is a terrifying rictus. And something is always up with his hairpiece, possibly owing to manipulation by dark forces. This man absolutely needs to be given a sitcom, and his sitcom needs to have a very intrusive laugh track and kitschy theme music by Angelo Badalamenti.